Why we are doing this

Along our journey to this post work situation, we have met many people who are interested in what we are doing. Some couldn’t fathom our choices and think it is impossible for themselves. A few are actually curious and want to know more, while only a very very few will actually take meaningful steps to make this fantasy a reality. If you have made it this far, I applaud you for taking the time to make your life better and it will be our duty to help you along the way how we can.

This site is starting out ROUGH! I still don’t have a fully formed plan, but just an idea that with time and effort we will make it better by adding meaningful content. Not all posts or pages will be applicable to everyone in their particular stage on their own journey, but maybe it will make a tiny impact and they could refer back to at a later stage. Hopefully we can get enough down to help you along the way to your own path to FI.

For anyone starting out, I think its important to start with what the END might look like for you. Link coming shortly on this thought process. Once you think you have a good plan on getting there, don’t rule anything out and its very acceptable to change course along the way. We have changed the plan several times, but our end goals have not shifted too far (thankfully). Anyway, once you have that done, its time to start learning. Its important to spend time learning based on what will help you get to your already defined goals. I would STRONGLY suggest that you are well rounded and make time to learn as many adjacent fields as possible. Even if you want to be a real estate mogul, its still an important thing to learn about the stock markets, agriculture and commodities to ensure you several investing options and ways of thinking.

How best to use this site?
Good question! That’s still a plan in progress sort of situation, but here is what I think its going to look like.
1. Start with End Goal planning
2. Make a plan on your book / podcast / news letter / website education. If you have not found it yet, start “Feeding your head” and check out my favorite books and podcasts. This is not the only places to get info, but if you are just starting out, start here!
3. Start reading the posts of this site that should roughly align with your planning. You can always come back and read / re-read any posts that might make more sense with your position in the future.
4. Make and stick to your education goals! Keep reading / listening to information to feed your brain.
5. Once you feel you have some base line education to be able to move forward, start taking targeted steps. Don’t wait too long to start this. You only need maybe a few weeks of learning to start saving money in a meaningful way!
6. Make a money plan. Yet another article I need to write…. I don’t like to use the dreaded Budget word, but something similar to help you get on the path.
7. Don’t be too scared to start! Keep taking meaningful steps that help you make it to the end. I will have to add maybe a post about taking baby steps now that lead to huge progress in the end. But for now, any movement towards meaningful goals is a positive step!
8. Review and look back. Yeah this is similar to other school or work reviews, but its just as important. We do a financial and goal review every year to see if our priorities have changed, and make sure we are still going to make it to our goals. Also, we have month “Dinner and Dollars”, or “Brunch and Bucks” dates to review our daily and monthly financials. (Add link to this later)

So maybe you found this site on your own, or more likely right now its because you asked me about my our situation or what books to read. Either way, we want this site to help you get to your happy place. Hopefully that place is an international life of FIRE, but we understand that not everyone wants that or they are in a different stage in their live. We are also not listing our actual names here because we plan on giving our real world $$ figures. We see so many people talking about this life but don’t give real world dollar figures. I can understand that because you don’t want people stalking the shit out of you for $$. We are going the opposite! We will happily hide in plain sight, and give you all our real world monetary figures to show you how we did what we did, and maybe how you can as well.

As mentioned before, maybe 10% of the people we meet and talk to about living this life is actually interested in it. Of those only a very few will actually want to do the “hard work” of giving themselves a better life. Our goal for this site is to try to help you along your path. Hopefully this style is OK for you and you can keep getting more info from here than we can trying to cram into an entire life planning session for a Turkish brunch meeting in Medellin (even when we go long and spend 3 hours there (you know who you are)).

Thank you,
Mr. & Mrs.






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