This is one of my favorite ways of getting more knowledge about topics that I am interested in. Personally, I use Google Podcasts and in the settings I have silence trimmed and listen at 1.3x speed. I think the speed depends a bit on the listener and the podcast as some are just slow AF….

In no particular order….

Bigger Pockets
This one for me was the one I really started with. I started many years ago when was starting down the real estate path. I listened to them as they came out, but also crushed though most of the previous 2 years worth that seemed interesting.

Bigger Pockets Money
This is the same company, and even started with some of the same hosts, but its specifically targets for general financial education / FI / FIRE and is not real estate based.

If you are US based, this one is great! They don’t really do much on the international side, but its a great resource for getting started down the FI path. Its very approachable and is not expecting you to be already at a high level.

We Study Billionaires – The Investor’s Podcast Network
There are a few versions under the umbrella podcasters, and all are worth a listen. Some stock investing, some crypto, some business. A little something for everyone here. They are all very smart people and even if you don’t understand everything, you can absolutely learn as you go.

How I Built This.
Somewhat of a different topic here, and there is not a new great one every week, but they are great interviews with the creators of some companies that you HAVE heard of. None are really the same, and are always different, but you can start to understand the trends of successful founders.